Snacking: Yay or Nay?

Do you want to stick to your diet as planned? Well, smart and healthy snacking is going to be your friend in this whole process of weight loss or even just maintaining a good, healthy diet!

There has been a misconception about the term “snack”. We assume that “snacks” are high – calorie, processed foods. However the term “snacking” is nothing but consuming any type of food between your major meals ie; breakfast, lunch and dinner. There have been studies trying to prove if snacking helps in improving metabolism – No studies have actually proven this statement as of yet.

So lets look at what are the possible points that make snacking a good healthy habit:

  • Healthy snacking could help you indulge with healthier food options.
  • It could help you maintain a controlled calorie diet.
  • It could help you have a control over yourself thereby preventing you from overeating during your main meals.
  • It helps to manage your hunger without adding on those extra calories into your diet.

You could consider:

  • Fruits: Any fruit including a banana, berries, apple and so on
  • Veggies: cherry tomatoes, baby carrots
  • Fox seeds, popcorn
  • Dry fruits / Nuts including: walnuts, pecans, almonds.
  • Granola bars
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Dark Chocolate 😊

The most important point to be noted here is to consider healthy and smart snacks that would content your hunger as well as keep your calorie intake in check. By doing this you are not only curbing your hunger but also adding in some good amount of energy in your body!

So, what are you snacking on right now? Let me know in the comments what are your healthy snack options. I would love to hear back from you guys! 😊

Until next time, Eat Smart – Stay Healthy!

36 thoughts on “Snacking: Yay or Nay?”

    1. Nice and to the point. I am currently taking a college course in nutritional science, and learning a lot about calories, good and bad fats, nutrient dense foods, and of course healthy snacks and portion control. Like right now, I am snacking on some Halloween candy before the kids show up……ha ha! So I am being bad, but back on track tomorrow with my apples, oranges and trail mix!


      1. Thank you so much! 🙂
        Ya, that is a good course to do, something that is really helpful in a way that you could apply it in your day to day life.
        Well, I did the same thing today – Some Halloween cheat snacking 😛


  1. I love healthy snacking, sometimes I have fruits, sometimes hummus with cucumbers & carrots and I literally have a list of healthy stuff. Iam a health freak basically 😂


  2. This is so clean and on point. I started a more health life few weeks a go, and this time I’m really into it. Right now I’m having some lightly salted rice cakes and for drink I always do a mix of lemon juice, ginger and honey before bed 😊


  3. Yes, sure, healthy snacks are good to help controlling calorie intake. But personally speaking, keeping busy can greatly contribute to a successful healthy diet, Especially so if you are busy at gardening, and other physical activities. Time passes rather quickly when you are occupied, and your hungry pangs become rather non existent!


  4. This post is very appropriate for me right now! Just yesterday I changed my whole way of eating and have decided to ONLY SNACK since that’s the new way I prefer to eat. WOW!


  5. Good things is just like saying ‘ ITVIS BETTER SAID THAN DONE’ Human beings have a tendecy to go in for chips, fried foods etc., and it is very difficult to control ones mi nd.


  6. I love to snack. I snack on “healthy” things (fruit, nuts, popcorn, etc) but my problem is that I ate so much of it that my snacks’ total calories are as much (if not more than) as my meals. It’s led to my weight gain after losing ~25 lb. I have been trying to eat more solid meals so I snack less. Great post!

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  7. I respectfully disagree. After a lifetime of snacking, I finally learned something really important: If you eat a satisfying meal when you are hungry (for most people, this will be twice a day — when we wake up what we think is hunger is usually thirst b/c we are dehydrated — that’s why we weigh less in the morning!) you will not be hungry for a snack. If you are snacking when you aren’t truly physically hungry it’s probably for emotional reasons. Hunger is a GOOD thing… it tells you that your body needs fuel :-). Better to eat a full meal on your own schedule than to eat throughout the day.

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  8. It makes me so sad when I hear people associate snacking with such a negative connotation; without healthy snacks between my meals, I actually eat WORSE! I’ve found that if I arrive to a meal completely famished, I am much more likely to eat everything in sight- good and bad, whereas if I had a snack, I can easily stick to my healthy meal plan! Thank you for the post 🙂

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  9. Yes its interesting isn’t it? When you say the word, ” snack” you always think of something unhealthy, ( she says having just devoured a packet of crisp, even after reading the calorific content) I am a real grazer. I could eat all the time ( I am not, though, overweight) so I shall assume that I burn it off with adrenaline? Good advice though – thank you

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  10. In my class, we differentiate between “snacks” and “treats”. Snacks are healthy options, such as the ones you mention. Treats are indulgences that should only be consumed once or twice per week. We don’t want anything to feel prohibited because we know where that leads. But exercising control over when and what our treats are is a good lifestyle habit. Thanks for reminding us of what the better options are!

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  11. Thanks I love this post! Me and my husband have had weight problems our whole lives and we finally are both getting at healthy weights. I always try to find tips, tricks, and advice to control our snacking or at least snack healthy. This is a great post!

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  12. My brother is trying to lose weight and started to change his diet just recently. This article really helped him especially in choosing the appropriate snacks to eat.


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