NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give up on your Hair!

There are so many hair supplements out there in the market which claim to reduce hair loss, prevent frizz, increase your hair growth, volume and so on. It gets really confusing as to which ones to try out and how to pick the perfect ones for your hair problems. Well worry not, OUAI Haircare has… Continue reading NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give up on your Hair!


5 Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocado - a fruit or a vegetable? "Avo-vaavos" as my nephew says is indeed a fruit and is categorized as a single seeded green colored berry, with its umami taste and high fat content. 1.  Why Avocados Are Good for Weight Loss? On average an avocado contains 200 calories of this 140 – 170 calories… Continue reading 5 Health Benefits of Avocados


Sore throat and cough? Treat it the natural way!

URI (Upper respiratory infection) or 'Common cold' is probably one of the most frequently occuring infectious disease in humans. It is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. There is no cure for common cold, only its symptoms can be treated. Sore throat and runny nose are typically the initial symptoms of cold followed… Continue reading Sore throat and cough? Treat it the natural way!


Let’s break the silence and talk about it.

Do females have eggs? Have these eggs always been there or have they been produced at some stage in her life or during puberty? How are these eggs related to them bleeding every month throughout the year? Understanding the menstrual cycle can help you to improve your menstrual health. Let’s get all your questions cleared… Continue reading Let’s break the silence and talk about it.


Water of Youth!

Chamomile flowers described by (Janmejai S et al.) as “A herb of the past with a bright future”  are flowers from a common family of daisy like plants called Asteraceae. Mainly grown in parts of Asia, Australia, Europe and Northern America, they are known for various health and beauty benefits. Chamomile also referred to as… Continue reading Water of Youth!


Snacking: Yay or Nay?

Do you want to stick to your diet as planned? Well, smart and healthy snacking is going to be your friend in this whole process of weight loss or even just maintaining a good, healthy diet! There has been a misconception about the term “snack”. We assume that “snacks” are high – calorie, processed foods.… Continue reading Snacking: Yay or Nay?


Acne / Hydrocolloid Patches

How do these patches work? These are small, adhesive patches that absorb pus and oil from  acne blemishes. Provide a healing, moist environment. Protect the area from bacterial contamination by lowering the pH levels thereby creating an acidic environment. Deliver active ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil, both of which are very… Continue reading Acne / Hydrocolloid Patches


To pop it or not?!

Is it a crime against your skin to pop pimples?  The answer is – Hell yes! I know, even I have popped and squeezed those nasty little ones on my face, despite being advised not to do so. It surely is very tempting! For most of us, the answer to getting rid of that zit… Continue reading To pop it or not?!


What type of Acne do you have?

Acne originates from the Greek work “akme” which means a point or a spot. Acne is a very common skin condition affecting a mix of population including teens and adults. Though it is not lethal, having acne can lower one’s self esteem. It is generated when the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) situated at the… Continue reading What type of Acne do you have?


Rapunzel’s Hair Spell !

Most of us consider hair as a reflection of our identity. Why is it that hair has always been so special and valuable since ages? Both the genders have always been giving great importance to the way their hair looks, even though hair is just a bunch of dead cells which looks hideous when viewed… Continue reading Rapunzel’s Hair Spell !